Carolina Forest Middle of the Road


- Let's Keep Our Medians Beautiful -



             As you drive down Carolina Forest Boulevard, you used to see only grass covered medians with very little aesthetic appearance. We now have a few planted with Palm Trees, Crepe Myrtles, Flowering Shrubs, Mulch, and other plantings and we are hoping for more.


     The problem is, if we want to keep our medians beautified, we must maintain them ourselves. This is because it requires smaller mowers and additional manpower that the County will not provide.


     It was clearly in our best interest, for the benefit of our communities, to take on this task but we need your help. So far, we have adopted the two medians immediately to the east and west of the main entrances to both Plantation Lakes and Waterbridge and will be expanding to others. We are currently working with Brighton Lakes, Walkers Woods, and Indigo Bay and expect to plant those medians in the near future. 


     Since our POA’s are not permitted to use your dues for anything outside the community, we have established Carolina Forest Middle of the Road which has been approved as an IRC 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. This means that your much appreciated donations are tax deductible (to the extent of the law). 


     Carolina Forest Middle of the Road will ensure that our medians are continually maintained. We are dedicated to making our medians beautiful along the entire six mile stretch of Carolina Forest Boulevard. Once adopted, this requires us to fund mowing, trimming, fertilizer, weed control, and mulch replacement.


     I hope that you agree that the beautification of our medians significantly improves the aesthetics of our Premier Communities and enhances our property values. 


Please make out a check and send (or drop off) your contribution to:


Carolina Forest Middle of the Road

8303 Juxa Drive

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579






On 2nd donation screen please click on "Add a Note"

and include the name of your development.